Friday, September 7, 2012

Truckeroo, Part Duex

Today is the first Friday of September and you know what that means... TRUCKEROO!  There is only one more left this year scheduled for October, so I had to go downtown to celebrate the vast selection of food trucks, music and sunshine.

It was a hot day at the DC Fairgrounds but that could only slow me down, and not stop me!  I thought I could make the day even hotter with a spicy sandwich from BONMi.  They make Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches where you select your choice of meat and the sandwich is served on a Vietnamese Baguette with house pickled veggies, cucumber, cilantro and chili-lime mayo.  I got the shredded pork sandwich, and added some of their hot sauce (which looks like chili paste).  Oh YUM!

Check out all that cilantro!
This sandwich was fantastic!!  The pickled vegetables and the cilantro were the perfect toppings for this sandwich.  It was so good.... and my husband downed his in about 2 minutes flat. 

Since I was starting to sweat, I decided to find a cool treat for dessert (who can have lunch and not dessert?!?).  I went to Carmen's Italian Ice to get a gelati - a mix of italian water ice and custard.  I ordered a small with strawberry lemon italian ice and vanilla custard.

I'm melting... melting....
It hit the spot - cool and refreshing on a hot day in September.  By the time I could get the camera out it already started to melt, but it still tasted awesome.  It also managed to drip some of it down my leg during the walk back to the car.  But as you probably have already figured out, I'm sort of a mess anyway so it goes with the territory.

One more left... can't wait till October!!

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