Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess Who's Back? Sawatdee Thai in Arlington!

Today is a day of celebration!  My favorite Thai restaurant in Arlington, Sawatdee Thai, is back open for business after renovations.  I have been going to lunch at Sawatdee Thai for over 10 years, ever since my original office building was located in Courthouse.  That's some commitment.  

Many Thai places have come and go in the Arlington area including Tara Thai, Sala Thai (now where a huge high-rise apartment complex is being built), and Thai at Corner.  I have tried them all, but Sawatdee Thai always wins out as my favorite. It's like a time honored tradition.  

So when they closed this summer for renovations, I was heart-broken.  I was like a lost puppy wandering around the streets of Arlington craving curry and larb gai.  But low and behold, the renovations are complete and Sawatdee Thai has opened its freshly painted doors to patrons.  YAY!!!  I crave Thai food generally every week and now my Thai restaurant is back!  

I went for lunch the other day and it is lookin' good.  They redesigned the bar and the seating, but the layout is still the same.  And more importantly, the food is still outstanding.  I ordered my usual - Gang-Dang (the red curry chicken).  Oh spicy, delicious curry chicken, how I've missed you!

there you are, you've been hiding you naughty curry

The menu has generally the same items as before, but new pictures and design.  Fine with me, why mess with a good thing. 

Lunch, as always, was yum -- great spicy Thai food.  I am so glad Sawatdee Thai remained true to its core, offering the same great food with an updated dining experience.  Good things should never change...

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