Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sugar Cube

When I was growing up, I had a friend whose father owned a candy store.  The candy was in bins all across the walls, as far as the eye could see. During the summer, we used to go to the store and load up bags full of gummy bears, swedish fish, and sour patch kids.  As an extra bonus, when we went to her house to play, she had extra candy around the house that didn't sell in the store.  It was like I was in a fairytale.

I still have a terrible sweet tooth to this day (and the cavities to prove it).  There aren't many candy stores around nowadays, so when I heard about the Sugar Cube in Old Town, I was super excited.  So, I dragged my son and his friend over there as my cover one afternoon.

The Sugar Cube definitely has lots of sweets.  Canisters of chocolate and gummy candy line the walls with little scoops and plastic bags to mix and match.

They also have a glass case filled with chocolate truffles and confections.  I spied one of my favorites  in the case -- chocolate covered pretzels -- along with other delicious chocolate items like chocolate pretzel clusters and chocolate covered marshmellows.

And of course, high-end chocolate truffles with interesting flavor mixes like this one here...

Despite the great selection, and the fun we had getting our bags of candy, I was really disappointed by the customer service.  We were barely greeted by the staff (who seemed to be busy setting up a party in the back room), and I sensed a bit of arrogance or annoyance as we were rung up.  Whatever it was, I did not feel welcome or like any one cared that I was there.  With my money.

It's a candy store.  You will most likely have kids as customers.  It does not hurt to smile or show some excitement for first-time visitors.

Anyway, definitely had a great selection of candy and chocolate, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to visit next time around.  I'll go get my sugar high some where else.   

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  1. Okay - I'm going to need you to send me some of those jalapeno chocolates ;)