Thursday, July 18, 2013


Golden, Brown and Delicious - fried chicken and doughnuts.  I might give myself a heart attack, but sure, let's try it out.  From the owners of Birch & Barley, this casual restaurant located in Dupont Circle focuses on a simple, Southern-inspired menu with a trendy, "cafeteria-type vibe" dining area.

I visited GBD for lunch and sampled their Drum & Thigh Lunchbox with a side of the Kohlrabi cole slaw and the Mumbo dipping sauce.

The chicken itself was good, crunchy and buttery like fried chicken should be.  The Mumbo dipping sauce was a nice accompaniment with the chicken, tangy and rich with a bit of heat to it.  Better than a standard BBQ sauce and it didn't overpower the chicken.  The creme fraiche biscuit did not disappoint.  Doughy and delicious, with a light salty finish, it was excellent. 

I was disappointed with the Kohlrabi cole slaw, nothing really inventive and tasted like it sat in the vinegar sauce too long.  It needs a fun addition to bring out the flavor (maybe another ingredient to give it some texture?).  This was sort of just BLAH.

I was smart enough to save room for dessert and ordered the chocolate pudding doughnut.  Sweet, rich and chocolately (and topped with chocolate rice krispies!), this dense doughnut was a tasty treat. 

Overall, GBD is a good, solid fried chicken and doughnut joint... and probably highly addictive after a night out at the bars at 2am.
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