Sunday, November 4, 2012

That's What I Get For Trying To Be Nice...

My blog is normally a food blog - I review restaurants and I post recipe ideas.  But today, I'm going to take a little detour.  Food will be involved, but it is not the star of today's blog post.

So on Friday, I won two tickets to the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show.  Woo Hoo!!  I never win anything (especially at casinos -- I might as well just hand them my money when I walk in the door).  But apparently Friday was a deviation from the norm and I actually WON tickets from Capital Cooking.  Thanks Capital Cooking!!

I opted to go to the show on Sunday instead of Saturday because Saturday was a busy day for us with haircuts, early voting and the like.  Unfortunately, my mother-in-law was out of town so we couldn't get her to babysit our kids so my husband and I could to the show together.  And my friend down the street was out of town too.  So I figured I would fly solo (and enjoy some quiet time.... time I rarely get).

The Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show was fun... and a little on the crowded side.  They had lots of food exhibitors selling everything from salsa, juices, dips, and sauces to cookies and cake.  At points, the lines to even get to a booth to just see what they were selling were ridiculous.  This was because most vendors were giving away free samples.  And everyone was lined up for the free samples.  I felt like I was at Costco when they put out the food samples and everyone runs over to the table for a slice of a ham and cheese hot pocket.  It got really annoying after a while because I was actually trying to buy things.  As opposed to some of the freeloaders who were clearly trying to eat lunch off of free samples.

I managed to get a few yummy goodies...

Spicy and sweet!
And I also got to go into the Celebrity Theater to watch Carla Hall (from Top Chef) and Iron Chef Michael Symon.  That was entertaining, they were funny to watch.  

So on my way out, I still had the other ticket to the Celebrity Theater with me since I was friend-less.  Mind you, this ticket was worth $70.  So I went up to the area where you could purchase tickets and I approached the next couple in line.  I basically said, "Excuse me, are you buying tickets to the Metro Cooking Show?" and the woman turns around and says "Yes."  So said, "I have this extra ticket that I didn't use, would you like it?  It's for today." And then the woman from behind the counter gets involved and is like "Are you trying to sell them a ticket?!?" and I say "NO!  I just have this extra ticket was was offering it to them for free!" At this point, I see the man in the couple party looking like "Hmm... that makes sense, free ticket and I don't have to spend $70." But the woman with him looks at me with this disgusted look (like I was a homeless person begging for money) and say "No.  We are buying tickets with a credit card" and turns around to complete her purchase.  

UNBELIEVABLE!  How is that people are offended when you offer them something for free?  Are you joking?!?  Are you some how ABOVE free?  You would rather pay for a ticket than get one for free?  The economy must be doing better than I thought.  Shit, this chick can probably afford to donate boatloads of money to those devastated by Hurricane Sandy, since she would RATHER PAY FOR A TICKET THAN ACCEPT ONE FOR FREE and I most certainly hope she has.  

Her poor man-partner just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  Yea, good luck with THAT one, friend.  She's going to be a handful.  I hope your wallet is ready.  

And this is what I get for trying to be nice.  I get treated like I just offered her a dirty diaper.  My, people are so friendly these days!

Not to be deterred, I found another woman walking up to the line with a child in a stroller.  I offered her the ticket.  She was so nice and appreciative - she was like "really, that would be great!" and smiled like that made her day.  Then she took her stroller with her little boy, got out of line, and went to enjoy the Metro Cooking Show for FREE.  I hope her and her son had a good time!    


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  1. I hate all human beings. God, I hope the asteroid hits soon...