Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cake Poppy-licous from Buzz Bakery

For those of you late to the dessert party, cake pops are all the rage.  Even Starbucks sells them.  Cake + lollipop stick = cake pop.  It's a great way to get your sugar/cake fix in a small quantity on a stick.  And everybody loves food served on a stick, just ask Jon Stewart.

Anyway, I threw a little baby shower at work the other day and got the cake from Buzz Bakery in Arlington, VA.  In addition to the cake (which was delicious with buttercream icing), ordered a few cake pops to take home and enjoy with the family.  

Single serving size, slender enough to fit in  your purse!

I ordered the red velvet cake pop.  It reminded me of a cake version of an M&M.  Hard icing coating on the outside, deliciousness on the inside.  

It's like a cake ball from heaven...
 The red velvet cake pop was sinfully delicious.  The icing was sugary sweet and inside, the cake was moist, spongy and melt in your mouth.  I was nice enough to share my cake pop with my husband and he loved it as well.  The perfect small dessert after dinner.  Be sure to try out Buzz Bakery's cake pops.  And while you are there, order the 9:30 cupcake.  I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.  


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