Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Highline RxR

Fun Fact:  Crystal City's food and bar scene is extremely disappointing.  Filled with chain restaurants (read: Chili's and others), and monstrous concrete buildings there is nothing unique or community-oriented about this section of Arlington.  I know there is a Business Development initiative designed to try to work on this challenge, but honestly the place is set up for tourists.

However, noticeable changes are underway, starting with a new restaurant in town -- Highline R&R.

Simple and industrial, with a focus on a good beer selection, this restaurant is everything that I love in a bar.  Casual and comfortable (sneakers allowed), open air (HUGE windows) and eclectic (potted herbs on the bar tables lining the windows).

The food is okay, but I think with some attention, they could do much more.  The wings and kettle cooked chips were good, but nothing to write home about.  They need a little flair to make them stand out and complement the beer menu.

The disappointment was the bacon nuts.  They had SO MUCH potential.  And then, they under-delivered.  Way too savory and no balance with a spice or a sweet flavor.  REVISE. 

Despite the missteps with the food, I still love this place given the beer menu and atmosphere.  It is a welcome change to a stale Crystal City and, with some fine tuning with the menu, could truly be great.

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