Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tales from the Inside

Perrr....fect.  I snagged the computer while Mommy is making dinner/folding clothes/cleaning and Daddy is looking at his awesome phone.  Daddy is so lucky and cool. 

Anyway, while I have some alone time here with you, I wanted to share a little secret.  Come closer.  Closer... okay.  Listen.

This food blogging thing is a sham. 
Seriously.  She makes all that good food, posts pictures up on the internet/face page or whatever, and eats it with Daddy. Everyone oohss and awwws (looks so tasty!) but this is what WE, her own children, get. 

Yup.  Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.  Chicken nuggets and broccoli.   And no, there is no fancy sauce on the broccoli (cheese might be good for a change) and the nuggets are NOT made-from-scratch.  This is what really happens inside a food bloggers home for dinner. 

I took a picture for proof, while Mommy smiled, quietly getting excited about my future potential as a food blogger or even, a chef.  Ha! I fooled her, it's all part of a larger plan to build the case about the poor quality of service here at home.  I'm starting with nutrition.

So there it is, the TRUTH from the inside.  Don't worry, I'll survive here.  I score good over at grandmom's and generally, sneak this terrible excuse for food to the four-legged fur ball.  He owes me something good one day, like tunneling me out of here so I can escape and get some real food.  Like delicious McDonalds.

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