Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meat and More Meat!

If you read my blog, you have probably come to realize that I really enjoy meat a great deal.  It doesn't even have to be real meat.  My favorite snack is a Slim Jim with a slurpee - and I think of Slim Jims as meat.  I like jerky.  I love scrapple.  And I will choose a hot dog over a hamburger any time.  I think it's because I grew up in New Jersey. Or I just have random taste buds.  Either way, I could never be a vegetarian willingly.

This past weekend, we enjoyed a great deal of meat dining on Korean barbeque at Hee Been in Annandale.  For those of you who don't live in the DC area (or don't venture down to the suburbs), Annandale is the home of great Korean restaurants (Little River Turnpike to be exact).  Sure, you can go to Woo Lae Oak in Tyson's, but come on, that's not the real deal.  

If you have never had Korean BBQ, you should know that it's awesome.  You select different types of meat and they cook it on a grill at your table.  And then they bring all kinds of side dishes like kimchi, roasted seaweed, and pickled vegetables.  When the meat is cooked, you make little Korean burritos of meat, sauces, and rice wrapped in lettuce.  I am sure it's an acquired taste for some (especially the kimchi) but it is really good and everyone should try it once.  

At Hee Been they have a whole buffet of sushi and Korean BBQ (among other things) but we focused on the Korean BBQ.  I started off with some Miso soup and then we got to cookin'!

Look at all that meat cooking!
We got lots of side dishes like kimchi, cucumber kimchi, seaweed, lettuce and other things I can't recall.  At a buffet it's sort of nice to get one of everything.  And then we cooked up bulgogi (thinly sliced beef) and I think I grabbed galbig (marinated short ribs).  

Add extra sauce and make it spicy!
Delicious as always!  Our Korean BBQ dinner hit the spot, nice and spicy.  We were definitely full when we left and I had no room for dessert.  As an extra bonus, it looked like they were setting up for karaoke.  We had to leave and missed the show (every hour counts when you have a babysitter, people!) but I guarantee there was some Gangnam Style.

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